Sosharu – Farringdon

I have been very excited to see Jason Atherton’s new restaurant Sosharu since it was announced. I am a big fan of the other restaurants he has. Social Eating House being one of my favourites in London. This one had a lot to live up to.

The restaurant describes itself as an izakaya. In Japan an izakaya is a kind of gastro pub. Sosharu is more high end in my mind, and in my “date restaurant” category more than a pub. But I like how izakaya sounds. It’s fresh and less “sexy” than a Roka or Nobu. But I like that too. It’s not your normal Japanese Restaurant as the menu is fairly extensive and seasonal too. As well as particular dishes I haven’t seen anywhere else.
I only nipped in for lunch this trip. So didn’t order the crazy amount of portions I would usually do on a dinner date. But still was blown away by the seasonal produce. Stunning presentation and aesthetics of this dimely lit area, with almost a minimalist feel. And they didn’t leave the flavour out neither. Little portions of heaven. The Salmon and tuna in particular were my favourites. Classic I know, but with a twist. Highly enjoyable. Prices are in the mid level to expensive category. But for lunch we had lots of dishes and it was reasonable. No cocktails though. Although I hear they are good. Another reason to come back. Service was also top notch. It’s perfect for bringing someone here to impress but not looking like a show off. It’s understated and effortlessly stylish.
Based around the corner from Farringdon Station, easily accessible from both tube and train. It’s not a super suave location for dinner. But there are already lots of lovely new foodie spots popping up in the Clerkenwell, Farringdon area. It’s on my to watch list. You should make sure you pop by Zetter Townhouse for cocktails before/after dinner, to make it a “proper” night out.
Sosharu is truly a place to enjoy incredible Japanese food. Make sure you get the sashimi platter, scallops and try the ramen. Share your dishes! It’s way more fun that way. I’m looking forward to popping back again and trying their extensive Sake menu over dinner next time.

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