Press for Champagne – Bob Bob Ricard

An oldie but a goodie. One of my most treasured places in London. And oh so conveniently located off the back of the hustle and bustle of Regent Street. On a quiet corner, handsomely decorated with beautiful stained glass windows. You guessed it, Bob Bob Ricard

This place certainly has it all. As soon as you step inside this gorgeous building, make sure you check out the bar downstairs first. You are transported to a cross between The grand Budapest Hotel and The Shining (in a good way). Art Deco at its finest. It’s the best interior design at any restaurant bar in central London. It’s stunning. You could go here for pre drinks for a date, or go there for one of their amazing cocktails at the bar. Or even better pre drinks before eating. Thats what I do. You can’t beat the Rhubarb cocktail. It’s a delight.

Once you’ve spent some time at the bar, you step back upstairs to the restaurant. Where again you’re transported to a different world and time. Waiters in pink jackets and ladies in silk waistcoats. All matching the fabulous British come Russian decor. (Which matches the menu).

Most people that know of Bob Bob. Know it’s very famous for a couple of things. The main one being for the “Press for Champagne” button at your booth. Which needs to be pressed by all guests that attend. (Obviously) They then bring you the extensive Champagne menu for you to chose from. Bottles or glasses. Depending on budget, go for it. It’s such a novelty, but in some way not out of the ordinary here at Bob Bob.

The food here is superb, a splendid English/Russian menu. Complete with a Vodka shot menu and Caviar section. It’s simply gorgeous. Make sure to have the oysters here too. Served beautifully and always chilled to perfection. The steak tartar is also a dream. I love the fish here, my go to is the Cod. Perfect generous portion with some truffle mash on the side. Of course.

You can spend hours at this stunning place. Service is amazing, people watching is excellent. Food is incredible. Price tag is obviously up there with the expensive places to go in London. But of course, completely and utterly worth it. You’d get big thumbs up from anyone you took here

Book now. And remember to book in advance for this beauty.

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