Tasty But Healthy – Tanya’s Cafe

The newest place for Raw and healthy food in London. I thought I must go and check it out. That teamed with the fact I’m trying to eat more healthily this year with my impending wedding. I thought my mum and I could tag team and check out this new haunt visited by the Made In Chelsea ladies. Could only be a good food night. I wasn’t disappointed.

The cafe itself is located inside of the MyHotel on Ixworth Place, which means it not being on the main road makes it a little easier to get a table, especially earlier on the evenings during the week. We were really surprised with the conservatory feel of the place. Very open and spacious, with only a few tables dotted around. Making it not feel cramped at all. And have a nice eco feel to it. After being shown to a table for two, mum and I scanned the menu for goodies. So much choice and lots of daily specials too. Again a nice treat to not just be presented with a choice of only 3 salads.

They have a fantastic selection of freshly pressed juice, smoothies and teas. Mum went for her staple of fresh mint tea, and I decided to be a little more adventurous and went for a suitably called “My Glow”. A refreshing combination of Raspberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, My Doctor Juice and Acai Berry powder. Which gives it a little kick. Surprisingly nice. Usually most smoothies or fruit concoctions aren’t that great and certainly don’t feel heathy after the added sugar has gone in. But this was very tasty and obviously didn’t contain an ounce of added sugar. My pre wedding self was very proud. And of course Mum was happy with her fresh mint tea. Served in lovely Kilner glass jug. Reminds me of Summer.

We had some cheeky cheesy kale chips to start as a pre dinner snack. Which were super tasty. For main I wanted the Tacos.Walnut oyster mushroom meet with guacamole, sour cream and pineapple salsa. Mum went for carrot spaghetti with pomegranate and beetroot salsa on the side. We shared each others plates which were as good as they look. I was blown away with how good they made raw food look. Generally speaking it isn’t the nicest food to look at. The presentation was really lovely. The brightness of it really made it look so pretty.

And after being so good with the mains, we decided to have a little bit of naughty and nice for desserts. I went for two mini peanut butter cups. Which I could eat all day they were that delicious. Mum had the pistachio and sea salt pie, which I had a little bit of to help out. A perfect little sharing plate.

We left feeling full and happy. Hopefully I didn’t indulge too much. Looking forward to popping back in the summer with my girls for some fizz.


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