Did Someone Say Lobster? – Lobster Kitchen

Oh how I love lobster. What a beautiful food. I fell in love with Lobster rolls in New York at a little shack on the Hudson many years ago. And it’s been a bit of problem ever since. I compare everything I eat to that. I still remember the taste, it was that incredible. I have to go every time I visit New York. But in London it’s hard to get a casual lobster roll without it being a little bit of a disappointment. Either not much lobster or the flavour isn’t that good. Well, Lobster kitchen is the very first place in London where I have felt that very same experience 10 years ago in New York. And I’m so happy to share my find with you.

On first impressions, especially if you work in the Soho/Fitzrovia area is that you have probably walked past it, without knowing. It’s unassuming entrance isn’t an all singing and all dancing look at me look at me. It has a little sign above eye height. So look out the next time you’re down Great Russell Street. You really do not want to miss out on this.

As soon as you enter you are whisked away from the hustle and bustle of Tottenham Court Road, and forget that you’re even in London. It’s small but in a cute way. And the deco is brilliant. Beat the crowds like I did and pop in for lunchtime as soon as they open up. As it was lunchtime I took a dear friend along as he loves lobster as much as I do. We both had a refreshing iced tea before ordering. And then mulled over the menu for a few moments. We of course decided upon a lobster mac’n’cheese to share, obviously. How could you not. Some nice garlic and chilli broccoli and some crispy sweet potato fries. Again it would be a sin not to right. But we were stuck on what to get for our main lobster dish. Until the lovely manager suggested a footlong… Yes you heard right, a bloody footlong. We looked at each other and no words were needed to be in agreement of this perfect suggestion. And the best thing is you can go for two toppings as well! Winning at life! He went for The Garlicky One (garlic butter) and I went for The Cocktail One (Marie Rose with a Bourbon hit)

In no time at all, (as we were clock watching slightly to rush back to work) we devoured everything. And I mean everything. There was not a lobster tail or crumb left in sight. The lobster mac’n’cheese in particular was insanely tasty, fantastically seasoned and so much lobster in it too. I would recommend a large portion of that to share, and for £5 its a bloody bargain. The whole of this lunch was to die for and whisked me off to that little shack on the Hudson all those years ago. As you can imagine this place is a keeper and a perfect fun place for lunches and after work dinners too. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. And for the price guys you get far more for your money then those crappy lobster chains 😉

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