Bistro By Shot – Parsons Green

I visit South West London often. I have some wonderful friends that I visit alot and we are always on the look out for somewhere that’s a bit different and new. And well Bistro hits the money . By day a wonderful coffee house that serves great coffee and then by night a wonderful hidden gem serving fresh, local food without the South West London price tags ūüėČ

The vibe here is great, very relaxed and has the feeling of being both intimate and friendly. This is helped greatly by the wonderful staff who are a joy and are very helpful. Off to a wonderful start with deco and staff I busied myself into the menu to see what delights were waiting for me this evening. After looking at the extensive choices for a few minutes we ordered and then were brought over some courgette flowers, which were gorgeous, feather light and crispy. Just how I like them, served beautifully and demolished within seconds. A lovely gift from the chef before we started on dinner.

For starter I went for the Steak Tatar with chunky chips and the other half went for tempura prawns. Both served beautifully, and big ol’ portions too. We shared each others starters as there was plenty to go around. The beef¬†was seasoned just how I like it, spicy enough without over powering the taste of the steak. And the prawns were perfectly battered without being soggy on the inside and not a rubber prawn in sight. Spot on. The mains arrived a little while after starters which gave us a chance to catch up on our day, drink some delicious wine and talk about how much we wanted to steal the lights in the restaurant, super nice! I went for a Salmon dish with tomatoes onions and potatoes. The smell was stunning, bloody screaming for me to eat it immediately, there certainly would be no sharing of this dish. It was all mine. Sooooooo goood. There wasn’t anything left on my dish when I finished. I would of licked the plate if I wasn’t in public ūüėČ James went for a steak, which he said was cooked very well, just how he likes (chefs recommend) which was medium rare. This came with triple cooked chips stacked ever so neatly. He wasn’t sharing with me either.

Desserts were simple and delicious, creme caramel had to be done. It’s one of my favourites. Creamy and perfectly balanced without being too sickly. After being full from his steak James went for a¬†selection of macaroons. Coffee and caramel. Which I blinked and missed, obviously enjoyed.

Overall a lovely little place and we’ll be back again to enjoy the food and chat to the fun staff. Oh and perfectly located right by parsons green station. Could it be any more perfect?

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