Babylon – Catch Of The Day

Kensington for me kind of feels like a second home. I’ve spent many a summer evening in the park, bars and restaurants that populate this lovely borough of London. The Roof Gardens for me are top of my favourite places to visit here. Absolutely world class venue, great bar and brilliant club. But they also house a wonderful restaurant above all of that. Which boasts a glorious terrace. Perfect for warm summer evenings.

After taking the lift that whisks you up to the top floor it opens onto a slice of heaven, far away from the hustle and bustle of  High Street Kensington below. And whether you are just joining for a drink or for a meal it always welcomes you with warm greetings and friendly faces. This evening I wanted to sit outside as the weather was behaving. And this summer, like last year Babylon are playing host to a seafood terrace. And what a place to enjoy chilled seafood. After we ordered a bottle of fizz there was no other option for us than a seafood platter. As it has a little bit of everything to try, and even if you are feeling like you can eat more everything thats on the platter is available to buy separately too. While watching the fish being prepared live on the terrace we tucked in to some delicious warm breads. Trying not to eat it all before our platter arrived. Difficult indeed. Too yummy. But it was a nice starter before the main event came. We chatted away, enjoying the views and people watched 😉 always my past time when at a nice restaurant. Then. It. Arrived. What a sight for sore eyes. Stunning doesn’t even come close and the smell was intoxicating. So fresh and beautifully presented. We noticed after our platter arriving at our table that people around were asking for the same thing. It clearly looked that good.

Our platter was mounted to the rim with lots of different types of fish. From fresh Colchester Oysters. A whole dressed Cornish crab, king prawns, smoked trout fillet and smoked salmon. Then half a lobster. Which was my favourite alongside the Oysters. Everything was so pretty I didn’t want to ruin it, so luckily I took some pictures quickly before delving into my treasure. There were some lovely condiments to accompany the seafood too. The creme fraiche in particular was gorgeous, especially with the salmon. The platter was perfect sharing, equal amounts so you aren’t fighting for that last prawn or last Oyster. The Oysters were huge too, none of those rubbish diddy ones you get sometimes in restaurants that are over priced and they under deliver on size and taste. Babylon is winning with everything on this plate. It’s so great watching the chef prepare all the plates while you tuck in as well. Lovely touch. Of course teamed with a few glasses of bubbly never goes a miss.

We then finished up with happy tums and decided to finish our bottle at the end of the terrace in their bar seating area, looking over London while the sun said goodbye. I will be coming back as much as I can over the summer weeks, even if the weather isn’t too great. As you can always enjoy the view and food from inside. Although they have heat lamps and blankets for romantic nights on the terrace after the sun has set. The staff here are super too. Attentive, funny and just damn good at their jobs. Spot on. Babylon you’ve smashed it again. I couldn’t be more in love with this summers offering.

Book in now and start taking advantage of the great weather we are having: 

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