Pure Taste – Paleo Heaven

This is not cooking, this is science. What a brilliant way to sum up this new find in Notting Hill.  My sister is a recently diagnosed celiac and am finding nice places to eat a little bit of a challenge without the fear of cross contamination in food. Or the lack or flavour and taste just being on the safe side of boring.

I was told about this restaurant through a friend who lives nearby in the Notting Hill area. And seeing as she is lactose intolerant and is also starting to have a gluten free diet I was hoping for a winner. I wasn’t disappointed. She was right to recommend.
I have no dietary requirements myself, and I was slightly wary of the food beforehand, however this was the fine dining experience I was hoping for. A perfectly presented lunch. One of the most delicate and thoughtful I’d had in a long time, I shouldn’t have feared. It was one almighty taste explosion throughout. Lovely service too which seemed to feel very personalised to what we had in mind, including drink recommendations. I can’t wait to bring my sister back here after her travels. Even the bread was almost as good a “real” bread. Texture and taste was perfect. They also have a great range of drinks including their own organic cider. I had a glorious lime and ginger Kombucha, brilliant tea. Very refreshing and big enough bottle to last the whole meal. The fresh apple juice is also a must.

For start, apart from the gluten free bread we had onion soup and pickled vegetable and walnut salad with edible flowers. For me was a stunning dish that wouldn’t look out of place in a Michelin star restaurant.  The french onion soup was also a great portion size and very tasty. My main was chargrilled curried cauliflower with red onion and mango. Wow was a sensational taste. Never had it before, and I’d have it again. The other half had lamb with carrots, onion and ratatouille. Which again was inhaled off his plate, super delicious apparently. For dessert, he had the coffee with petits fours. Tiny parcels of pure joy. I had the show stopping coconut and passionfruit scotch egg. Yep you better believe it. Topped with a candied bacon and vanilla ice cream. Hands down my current favourite dessert to beat.

This small restaurant in Notting Hill is lovely through and through. The menu is well thought out and presented beautifully. Staff are knowledgable and non judgemental about dietary requirements. Cant’t wait to come back and see their next seasonal menu.

3 thoughts on “Pure Taste – Paleo Heaven

  1. Hi, I have celiac disease too! I think you’re in London, so I don’t have much experience there, but if you’re ever in the states feel free to reach out. I’ve been to a ton of dedicated gluten free establishments across the country. I honestly found Portland and Seattle to be the two easiest cities because they have full fledged 100% gluten free restaurants (rather than just bakeries). Good luck to your sister, I’m glad she has your support. My sister has always been great about helping out with my celiac diagnosis. She even made the lemon cake that I blogged about today (and she doesn’t have celiac disease). I’m sure you’re as sweet of a sister as her. I’m glad you found a gem in London. I’ll reach out if I head over your way too! 😀


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