El Patron – arriba arriba

So someone gave me the tip off of a new place in Putney. They said “late night Mexican bar serving over 60 different tequilas, cocktails and incredible street food” So clearly I thought, I’m in. And booked myself in. As it’s conveniently located right by putney station, its only 15 minutes away from Waterloo.

Joining lots of great restaurants on Upper Richmond Road like Hide & Seed and Kerbisher & Malt. I can see why El Patron is becoming a sell out, popular with locals and Mexican food enthusiasts alike. Set over two floors, El Patron although small and intimate it packs a punch through clever and yummy cocktails and flavourful street food style dining. I’d recommend popping along on a Friday evening as they have a house band and then if you’re still hungry for more, or want to pop back again, I’d suggest visiting on a saturday to see their resident DJ. The urban décor features exposed brick walls and brightly coloured skull murals (as is you would see in Mexico). Really comfy setting, excellent for friend catch ups and quick eats with the plan on getting tipsy 😉 Their tequila collection is extensive. From sipping ones, shots and pouring for delicious cocktails. Even for the non tequila fans amongst us El Patron has something for everyone.

It’s my tradition when eating anywhere like this, to order as much as possible. Almost in a man vs food kinda way. Luckily I usually have someone to share with, added bonus when I realise my eyes are too big for my belly. Starting off with Tortilla chips is the way forward, try out their secret guacamole. Seriously tasty and obviously made from secrets. Also went for some traditional guacamole and sour creme too, as their secret guacamole had a little kick. Makes your tongue tingle, in the best way. We then ordered tacos, which were my highlight from the food menu. A selection is always wise. We decided to go for the Carnitas (slow roasted pork) and the chicken. The flavour was out of this world, transported me right back to Mexico. The portions were very generous and no skimping on the filling either. Winning at life. As well as that we wanted to try out their burritos too, and once again El Patron delivers on portion and flavour. The Shredded beef was succulent and full of exciting ingredients. All perfectly paired. If this wasn’t enough we also wanted to try out the Quesadillas. Why not eh? When in Rome/Mexico/Putney. And the Quesadilla of the day was chorizo and cheese, of course the other half loved this. You can tell when I barely get to have any. But to be fair, man vs food syndrome was coming into play. Clearly food beat me.  But wait, dessert. My frenemy. That separate space in my stomach. Which we all have right? I spot salted caramel and I’m locked in of course. Churros with salted caramel, what a bloody delight. Perfect way ton finish off our fantastic feast.

I love my new recommend, I will be back no doubt for some more Friday madness. Just three rules to adhere to my foodies. Order everything, drink until you’ve lost your sombrero and book now!


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