Cahoots – Cocktail Stop

Hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of the west-end and soho lies a new favourite bar of mine. This gem has been rocking for a couple of months now and encompasses everything that is British post WWII. Fantastically situated off restaurant haven Kingly Court, Cahoots is nestled in an make shift abandoned tube station. Upon whispering the secret words, you are transported to a world forgotten. You could easily forget what time, day or year it is in an instant. After checking in at the ticket office any baggage you can go in. What an amazing place. It’s very rare in London to find such an ecliptic mix of people. From oldies to young whippersnappers (no I haven’t lost the plot, but when you go, how I’m talking makes complete sense) I could see an age range of 20 to 50, so there is no excuse to get a little tipsy. I can’t wait to bring my grandma here, she’ll love it.

Luckily enough when I came for the first time a dear friend had booked a table, which was ideal on a Friday. The tables are generally booked out. So make sure you try and reserve if it’s not an impromptu visit. But there is room at the bar to stand, if tables are taken or if you’re waiting for your table to become available. The menu is cleverly put on a newspaper which is changed regularly. The extensive cocktail menu is super impressive and very creative. Single cocktails are around the £7-£9 figure, excellent price point in London. Obviously they have some fantastic sharing cocktails that are a bargain when you divide them up between you and your pals. All drink are served in a variety of vintage glasses, milk bottles and clocks. Yes clocks. Even the wine is chilled in old Fire buckets.

I love this little speakeasy, London at it’s best. Perfect for all who are in search of something unique and fun in town. Pre dinner, after dinner, after work. It all works here!

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