The Goat – Chelsea

I love going out in Chelsea and Fulham. The people watching is fabulous. But luckily for me the food is pretty special too. The Goat is no exception. This stunning, seemingly small Italian style restaurant boosts a brilliantly seasonal menu and hidden delights within. A masterclass in inception. And it isn’t as small as you think. With many levels within the restaurant itself stretching from ground to basement, the place feels roomy and yet intimate. But there is still room for a DJ bar on the first floor, which even has its own alter (oh yes) and if you can find it, my personal favourite, the Chelsea Prayer Room. A perfect cocktail getaway, a slice of speakeasy heaven. To visit the Goat and not check it out is a sin. If you can find it 😉 ssshhh you didn’t hear it from me.

I’m not the biggest fan of Italian food generally, as it can be done to death, in the wrong way. Too big portions, dripping in oil. Not my cup of tea. But The Goat manages to make the food here substantial, leaving room for all three courses and offering a wide range of foods that aren’t limited to just pizza. Although saying that the pizzas are incredible, just check out the pics below. Not your average pizza thats for sure.

Now I had the Octopus carpaccio to start, as recommended by our wonderful waiter for the evening. Teamed with picked lemon, grilled red pepper and lemon mayo. I could eat this all day. Simple but the flavours pack a huge punch. The other half had calamari fritti, with aioli. One of his favourites. I don’t think he ate it, more like inhaled it. It was that great. For main he really wanted a pizza so opted for bresaola with rocket and truffle oil. What a delight. And anything with truffle oil wins in my opinion. Super tasty. I had the corn fed chicken. Succulent and full of flavour. I must remember to ask the recipe. Licking my lips just thinking of it. James wanted the vanilla and winterberry cheesecake, I wanted the salted caramel and dark chocolate sundae. We are still arguing about it, but I think the salted caramel sundae wins every time. He doesn’t think so. It was tasty but I think I totally won on dessert 😉

Another good reason to come here alone is for the crack babies. Yes you heard right, the crack babies. If you are unfamiliar with the drink from the Gods you must try them, and where better than that by the hands of the guys that created it. They live here. Nothing better, sweeter or a better shot in my opinion. I’ve had a lot of fakes and rip off’s of these in my time. Nothing comes close. So as you can see we had a few (can’t remember how many) as these followed us to the Chelsea Prayer Room. He went for his staple Old Fashioned and I went for the Huckleberry Gin. Wow. Incredible concoction of flavour and beauty. Could drink that forever. We spent the remainder of our Friday evening here. Wishing it never had to end.

All the staff here are fantastic examples of how service should be in this type of restaurant. Both bar and waiters were gracious, funny and exploding fountains of knowledge about their exceptional cocktail list and food menu. Chatty and yet know when you want to be left to chat amongst your guests. This makes it perfect for a date night, a first date or a group of friends out to try and unshelf the place of its entire alcohol contents. Now which to start with first? To be guided through their never ending stocks makes it easy even for the most indecisive of your guests. I love this place so much that if it turned into a hotel I’d never bloody leave. (Hint hint to the Goat Management).

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