The one, The only – Nobu

Valentines day. The day that strikes fear and dread into most couples or singles. As you can imagine, it’s not easy for my other half to take me out to a restaurant on this evening or any other evening for that matter, I’m quite picky. And I like so many places that are usually full so well in advance. It’s a task and half which I’m sure he doesn’t look forward to. So with him being so busy recently I took it upon myself to book the reservation, as at least this way I knew we’d get it, and it took the pressure off of him. Nothing wrong with you taking the lead now and again ladies!

I knew there was only one place I wanted to eat on this romantic evening. One of my favourite restaurants in the whole world. Nobu. Doesn’t need much of an introduction as it reputation is stellar. But in a nutshell beautiful restaurant in the beautiful mayfair, serving the most inventive and delicious Japanese food there is know to the planet. You can tell it’s my favourite huh 😉

James and I love sushi, we eat it as often as we can or wallets allow us to. After getting suited and booted at home, with a bottle of champagne. We arrived around 7pm on Valentines day to the glorious Berkeley square. Escorted in by the wonderful door ladies that took our coats, we were told to follow them upstairs to the restaurant, as our table was ready. My favourite place to sit in the whole restaurant, is a corner table seat, means sitting next to each other instead of opposite each other which is always lovely. Especially with sharing plates, makes things a lot more intimidate.

After getting settled and drinks ordered, we started with the Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna. Wow this is one of my favourite dishes, hot, perfectly balanced and 4 pieces to myself! I love. James chose the Wagyu and Foie Gras Gyoza with Spicy Ponzu, which we shared (James doesn’t share food, but these were far too good for me not to) They were super tasty and the sauce was a great condiment to it. Wagyu beef is a firm favourite and then in a gyoza, I couldn’t resist. Then of course you cannot come to Nobu and not have one of their signature dishes – Black Cod with Miso. This for me is one the of the reasons I return time and time again, it’s melt in the mouth soft fish dream. You must try it if you haven’t before. We then had the Crispy Pork Belly with Spicy Miso, which was a fantastic texture and very moreish. It didn’t last too long was the only downfall. We were then brought over compliments of the chef, two Pan Fried Scallop with Yuzu Truffle Sauce. I adore truffle and love scallops so its a win win for me. And wow it didn’t disappoint, a new favourite of mine now. We then finished with our sushi favourites California with Crab & Avocado and a portion of Shrimp Tempura rolls. What a perfect meal. Two hours flew by and it was time to grab our coats and head off into this a perfect London evening.

Delicate, stunning and delicious food I could eat all day long. But it is a treat, hoping to pop into the New York one soon. But Berkley Street, you have my heart.

Book in advance to avoid disappointment

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