Andina – Little Peruvian Kitchen

I love Shoreditch. Always nice things to do, cool shops to visit and exciting new places to eat more importantly. Andina has been a place that has been on my hitlist for a quite some time.  Always looks full and an incredible smell seems to drift out every time I walk by that it lingers with me for days. So the other week I could not resist any longer. And I must say, only one visit in and I’m hooked. This is a new found love.

We turned up around midday on a week day as we hadn’t booked ahead, thought this would be a better chance in securing a table and I was right. (luckily) As usually both the ground level and lower level are usually packed to the rafters with artists and hipsters alike. Seated upstairs, as it had just opened gave me a great chance to scan around and enjoy the brightly done out decor, with incredible lights and open kitchen (yep another one of my favourites). As we tucked into the menu we decided to go for the carrot,melon and giner drink,which was amazingly fresh. Especially as I’m trying to get healthy for my wedding in August. Juicing is not my thing, but this made me think twice.

The waiter explained the menu, lots of choice. Took us through some of the small places they offered and the specials they had today for lunch. So much choice, whats a girl to do. Luckily I love to share so got to try a couple of new dishes that we had never eaten before so that was nice. For anyone on a health kick or in for sharing plates, this place is king. From the fantastic street food to the quinoa salads, this place has it all. All the dishes are presented to top quality standard, and the colours, well my photos simply don’t do it justice. All so beautiful. Believe me there was not a single crumb left on our plates.

We were so lucky to get a table here on a Thursday, so I would suggest to book in advance as it filled up ever so quick after we were seated. This is one to go to again me thinks. Love it. Martin Morales you genius you.
I hear their brunch is quite good so maybe I’ll try that next time.

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