Soho Treat Foxcroft & Ginger

One of my favourites in Soho. I adore Foxcroft and Ginger. Have done for the past couple of years, especially working in soho. I have often gone in for a coffee on route to a meeting or rushing off somewhere else. So this time me and the other half, instead of grabbing a coffee and going, decided to stay and indulge in what they had to offer for evening food. Not just a muffin or croissant (Although because baked on the premises every day they are too good to leave without one).

We grabbed a seat, a nice craft beer and cider and looked at the menu. This evening, on their ever changing menu was offering some great breads and pizza. So to start off we decided to have some rosemary and garlic bread, followed by some incredible hand made pizzas. Everything is made fresh to order so takes a little time, but not too long, enough to let starters settle and have a chat over a drink. The service was so wonderful, James and I found ourselves chatting to them for most of the time we spent there. Talking about the menu, coffee, was really nice actually. Such a nice change to alot of the coffee house in soho. They know their stuff here, and not just coffee but food too.

The pizzas were amazing, perfectly portioned and served on slate platters. Really rustic. Full of flavour and no scrimping on the toppings. An italian dream. The mozzarella cheese was to die for. Full of garlic, rosemary and other herb treats.  He opted for a margarita and I wanted a meat feast type, full of italian sausage and extra cheese. We even left enough room for some pudding. A walnut and coffee cake, a chocolate and raspberry muffin and some more cheese. I think we have a cheese problem, but it’s too good not to have. Don’t judge, I couldn’t say no. I wanted it all.

I love the cool, relaxed and intimate nature of this place, it’s almost like a friends house or a little pop up. Gorgeous and well thought out minimal decor, with great lighting. Comfy seats and great selection of food and drink. Not to mention a little haven away from the hustle that is soho, and perfect for catching up with a friend or three on a cold evening. Even if its just for a coffee. But I do encourage you to stop longer than 10 minutes to down your espresso. This place is a little diamond in the rough.

Foxcroft & Ginger, my little super star coffee venue but even more brilliantly a perfect after work dinner pit stop. Go now

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