New Favourite – M Raw

I have fallen in love. And it couldn’t feel or taste more magical or bloody fantastic. M restaurants has created it’s first (of I hope many) venue in London. A truly stunning, must visit kind of place. I don’t even know where to start. As words won’t do this incredible place justice. You just have to see it to get how awesome it is. But i’ll try anyway.

The restaurant is super impressive, on initial first impressions you’d think it has heritage and a certain effortless style about it. From the incredible modern yet timeless decor through to the on point branding that sits so well throughout all of the different M brands that sit here, in this one wonderful venue. M Bar, M Grill and M Raw. Three different and unique ideas that work effortlessly with each other. The Bar sits upstairs on the mezzanine of this double storey dream. Almost like a swish New York hotel lobby, with its stunning staircase centrepiece as you walk in. It unfolds a truly intimate yet social space. From the self serve wine taps that don the eel skin print walls. To the secret den, thats a swipe away in the walls. This bar has it all, you could easily just come here to drink and have a great time. With an extensive bar snack menu to accompany it’s countless wines, spirits and whiskey lists.

Downstairs on ground level you are given two wonderful options, M Grill; where you will find the most amazing array of steaks you’d ever wish to taste. Worlds apart from your usual steak house you’d find in London. It’s something special indeed. I can’t wait to try that side. The aroma was intoxicating. The other side however is where the man and I decided to dine. M Raw. And what a bloody delight this place is. Truly magnificent.

This slightly less informal part of the restaurant offers more of a casual dining feel, specialising in fast and accessible small plates. They have one of the best Tiradito Bar’s and Sashimi selection I’ve seen in a while, that easily matches up to any Michelin starred sushi restaurant I have been to. They even have some ‘Forbidden Hot Pots’ sections on menu and tasty Black Cod Ramen among others. Raw also has its own dedicated bespoke cocktail list, which is perfectly matched with the dishes on menu. Very tasty, we almost got through half the cocktails available they were that good. The Haig Whisky blends were exceptional.

We opted for this evening, some spicy edemame, with chilli, lime and soy. House made rice crackers with the best accompaniment of a condiment I’ve had in the UK. Lightly dusted with lemongrass salt and spicy burnt aubergine. From the Tiradito bar we decided on great recommendation of the Scallops and bacon and then from the sashimi bar, wow. We had the highlight of the night which was the Wagyu beef sashimi, succulent full of flavour melt in the mouth wonder. It’s a must have. We also decided on the sashumi sampler across two different types of tuna and smoked eel. Which was simply fabulous. We also had the Onglet Steak, cooked over hot coals in front of us, brought to our table. Where we also had the yakitori chicken which was all chicken not fat, we couldn’t eat it quick enough. Finally finished on a trio of sorbets and I had the vision that was the White Chocolate and lavender soup with poached apples and coconut tuile. To die for.

M Raw is something so special, a breath of fresh air in London. Out of this world food, attention to detail in every way possible, including Japanese toilets to boast. It’s like someone is finally listening to what Londoners and foodies want. And this has it all. A flash of gorgeous red in what is otherwise a black and white world. M you wonderful place you. You’ve found a friend for life.

I’ll be back, very very soon. And I hear breakfast and brunch is soon to be on the cards…. Happy New Year indeed.

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