Burger Sunday – Totally Radical

Lazy sunday mornings, bloody love them. Nothing better than sitting in bed, reading the paper and chilling out. But then around 11, hunger strikes! Too early to think about a roast, but by the time you get ready and get out to forage for food its gone 12. Lunch time. Oh yes, I need lunch and I need feeling now. Me and the other half forced our bodies into the cold, walked out and wondered where to go. Bermondsey street? Soho? Hampstead? “Angel?” he suggests. Perfect. He read my mind.

I love Angel. Such a great part of town, far enough away from ours in borough that it doesn’t feel local, but close enough by a 15 minute tube ride that it doesn’t feel like we’ve trekked to the Outer Hebrides . Certainly ticks my Sunday box. Everything around this area makes me happy, the bars, the great places to shop. Camden passage market is one of my favourite places to explore on the weekend. Full of people selling their vintage wares. And good coffee houses too. Makes me smile lots.

We walked further up towards upper street, and was looking for somewhere easy and I was craving carbs. As we were walking, I all of a sudden realised that the old O’Neil pub had been turned into something else. Radicals and Victuallers. Such a cool name right. A new pub but with a diner in it! Oh my Gosh, this was it, and within seconds I was dragging the other half in. Nice and quiet, it had only gone past 12:30 when we walked in. Lovely pub, big in size and lots of comfy seats. I could tell already I was going to like this place.

I wanted fizzy pop and I wanted a burger, I was in that carby Sunday mood. Which the other half thought was hilarious. As my attempt on cutting carbs this December clearly wasn’t going to plan. But I didn’t care. This was going to happen. So sorry in advance for the lack of lovely pics, and too many burger ones. But you’ll understand when you come here, it was all soooo good that I forgot to snap away at everything else.

Ruby Jeans Diner at Radicals and Victuallers. What a great place. The menu is bloody fantastic and has everything you want from a diner. Waffles (even a waffle burger), chicken wings, burgers, mac n cheese (which chorizo omg) hot dogs… I could go on but I’m already starting to salivate just thinking of the bloody menu.

We both opted for burgers, as they are all hand made patties on site. And they have some  fantastic options. Chorizo & grilled halloumi was my choice, and it was quite possibly the best burger I have ever eaten. So fresh and the flavour punches with everything it has, man.vs food has nothing on me damn it. Devoured in minutes. “Get in ma belly”. James went for the smoked bacon and cheese, which you can see from the pictures is incredible. You can even opt for double burger, extra toppings like a fried egg or bloody Monster Munch. Surely that is reason enough to get involved in this.

The service was also fantastic, our guy knew so much about the food and how its made and talking about process, I was very impressed. Super friendly too.  For something we just stumbled on a Sunday afternoon, we didn’t have high expectations. But everytime I have a burger now, London this is the bar! See you soon guys.


They even have 2-4-1 burgers on a Tuesday. So you have no excuse to check this place out, it even shows the NFL games on the weekend. What more do you want from a diner/pub? I very excited about having long afternoons here next year!


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