A Glam Rock Afternoon tea

As you guys know I love afternoon tea, and even more when it has a little twist. The K West Hotel & Spa offers a delightful spin on the traditional afternoon tea. And its so perfectly located near Westfield White City, Shepards Bush. It used to be an old BBC studio many years ago, and they’ve kept the heritage alive by calling the restaurant the ‘studio kitchen’ which is a perfect place to play host to this tea.

After an afternoon shopping away, this is a perfect way to break up the afternoon or go and treat yourself after being on your feet all day. And it doesn’t break the bank, unlike a lot of afternoon teas in London town. It starts at a very reasonable £22.50 per person for tea only, £29.50 which prosecco and £32.50 with the full shabang plus tea infused cocktails (Which are seriously delicious and I highly recommend this option). The lovely touches to this tea are spot on, including an option to come along at 10pm and have a midnight boozy tea, bloody cracking idea if you ask me! Why should tea this good just be restricted to an afternoon.

A highly exciting and extensive array of teas, and infusions. Including their own blend, for which tea lovers will enjoy. I’ve never had anything like a pot of this tea, hints of cherry blossom, peony flowers, green tea simply lovely. It has a very smoky aroma to it, which is all very surprising but extremely nice. Tea never needs to be boring, so I like the way K West has played around with it all. Even though they have all the usual teas you expect on offer too. This particular blend is called the T Rex so get involved.

Following the Rock n Roll theme, the place mats are real old vinyls. Again such lovely touches, that make it all fun and follow a this cool theme. Brightly coloured Tea Pots, tea cups and saucers make the perfect accompaniment to this fun tea party, not plastic either lovely new gleaming China.  I would also opt for the selection of tea infused cocktail selection. From Passion fruit, to lemon to english punch. All perfectly designed and that sing when drunk. The Passion parade was my favourite, so much I had to order another one, full size.

The food is really nice too, great selection of various sandwiches. Which the usual suspects like cucumber with cream cheese or english ham on walnut bread. I was really impressed with the attention to detail on everything, crusts cut off perfectly and placed so pretty on the stack. The scones with handmade Jam and cream are also a delight. But you know me, its the sweet stuff. Bloody incredible. Wasn’t a thing left on my plate, truly scrumptious. Tiny macaroons, almond and orange cake and lemon tart were my favourites, although my partner in crime adored the brownie and the little raspberry and white chocolate lollipops on top.

You must go try this place FoodnFizz lovers, it’s one of my new favourites for afternoon tea. Great portion sizes, fun theme, stunning hotel setting and you’ll leave full and maybe a little tipsy. And why not?


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