L’Entrecôte – Secret Sauce

Le Relais de Venise what.a.place. I have been going along to the Paris and New York Restaurants for a long time, that incredible secret sauce gets me going all day bloody long. Sooooo good, but more about that later. It was about time I visited the London offering of this unique dining experience.

Myself and my lovely friend decided to pop along to the London restaurant in Canary Wharf, after work one evening. Set alongside the harbour in the centre of Canary wharf and a stones throw from the station makes it super easy to find amongst all the skyscrapers and business men hurrying home or to work.

The premise is super simple, no reservations, and only one choice of starter and main. (unless you are veggie you can still go you just get cheese instead of Steak) You go, you eat, you chat, you drink wine, you go home. It sounds very French right? Yeah it is, but the very best of France all wrapped up in a bow. We were super lucky to get a table around 8pm on a Thursday evening, this place usually has a queue going around the block twice over, especially at lunch times and evenings. But obviously someone was shining down on us tonight, very lucky.

Entering this pretty restaurant we were greeted and sat underneath a beautiful and perhaps the biggest arrangement of Lily’s I had ever seen, which are changed every week apparently, and they are stunning. Must of been at least 20 dozen of flowers in this giant vase. The smell was devine. Having both been before and knowing the system we quickly ordered a bottle of white to share. Then onto the Walnut salad with the best dressing ever, swiftly followed by our steak, cooked to our order of Medium Rare.

It’s one of very few restaurants I know in London that also offers the option of blue steak. Which is a nice option to have for those who like it almost mooing. Dressed and finished with their hand chipped frites and secret sauce. I was ready to demolish this incredible meal. I could smell the garlic and other ingredients that I think are in the sauce, obviously I have no idea. As it truly is a secret, no one in the restaurant knows the contents. But people keep coming back and guessing. New York and Paris are the same, tastes incredible and its a perfect condiment to a succulent, juicy thinly carved steak. Then on top of this marvellous taste of Paris, once you have almost finished your plate they come back to fill it up for seconds! Can you believe it? Seconds? Everything in me is telling me “you’ve had enough” but I just cannot resist. Its too damn good. Not bad for £24, such a steal.

After dinner had been cleared away, we both had a moment to breathe. Had some more delicious crisp wine, chatted away for a while and then we decided to look at the desserts. Creme brûlée is my most utter favourite dessert of all time, and when in Paris I always order this where I can. The texture and flavour of this transports me in a moment, so if cooked well, I’m hooked to come back again. So we both ordered one each. And an amaretto on ice. Of course. Perfect combination in my mind. Almond and vanilla are like salt and pepper, they go together effortlessly. When it came and my spoon broke the hard crystallised sugar, it had passed test one. No soggy sugar here. Secondly it was slight warm, test two passed, not been left in a fridge. And finally the flavour of the vanilla wasn’t too overpowering but still subtle notes sang through this gorgeous dessert. I was made up, I’d come again.

I love Le Relais de Venise. I love the simplicity of the menu, the classic feel of the food. The Parisian touches, the warm and lovely staff and the price. All very reasonable to keep you coming a few times a month at least. I’m sure you’ll be trying to figure out that secret sauce. Do let me know if you work it out


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