Bourne Ready – Bourne and Hollingsworth

Since the opening a couple of weeks ago I’ve been dying to go to this place. It seemed to be somewhere I’d love to live, and for me thats a sure fire start onto a winner. Cosy and simplicity. I was hoping the food would be a perfect match for its surroundings in this English dream. And by the power of greyskull it was!

Given a lovely table at the back of the busy restaurant, I was busy taking lots of pictures of the room waiting for our other two friends to just us. I was in my element. Getting inspired for when I buy a house. I love it all. Converted warehouse with a lovely greenhouse attachment, and it was super warm because of several log burning fires! So simple, and warm. The smell transports me back to being up north at christmas, in front of a roasting fire. I can imagine over the next few chilly months, this will become a welcome hotspot for people catching up and a warm favourite for those escaping the cold. Warming their cockles with an old fashioned or espresso martini. How english could you get. Bloody love it.

After our friends arrived, we got onto ordering. Four incredible cocktails, the mixologists even made the effort to pop over and tell us about the drinks menu and ask what kind of spirit we liked. A very nice touch. They even made some of my favourites, which aren’t on menu, like an Eastern Standard with gin (one of my all time drinks). The Mr had an Old Fashioned (his staple) Our friends had a blackberry smash and a wonderful rum cocktail, again off menu. Heavy on the alcohol but the infusion of the mixers of fruit made these concoctions delightful and very tasty indeed. Even if you do get a little tipsy after two or three, its worth it.

We decided to look through the menu after the drinks interlude, and if the food was anything to go by the standard of drinks, I was pretty sure we were in for an amazing night. I wasn’t wrong. For starters we went for butternut squash soup, which was for me better than my mums (sshh don’t tell) with surprise crispy onions underneath, this was an excellent added texture to the creaminess of the soup. Rabbit and hazelnut terrine, which the Mr ate quicker than anything i’d ever seen him eat before. And our friends enjoyed two roasted baby artichoke with poached egg. Presented beautifully and for our vegetarian he throughly enjoyed it, full of flavour and not over cooked which sometimes can happen. This was not the case. So starters ended we decided on a lovely bottle of red and the mains began.

My mouth is watering up again just thinking about what I had, it was so amazing. Caribbean pork belly. It was melt in the mouth, I want to eat this everyday meal. Punchy but yet delicate. Fantastic portion sizes too. The others had sirloin steak which was cooked very well, full of flavour and not too heavy. And vegetable tagine, which for a non “vegetarian restaurant” was very nice, good flavour and not soggy. Everyone was over the moon with their mains. And even had room for pudding…

The caramel fondant had to be done, and wow, packed full of lots of caramel, oozing out like a marks and spencer advert. I was very happy indeed. So were the others, there were no signs of the dish even existing by the time we were finished with it. And one of our friends when with the chocolate ganache, not too sickly and devoured in minutes.

Our trip to Bourne and Hollingsworth was an exciting, British triumph. We loved our dinner there, we were left alone for enough time to catch up, but staff attentive enough when we needed something. The atmosphere was lively, nice ambient tracks in the background too. Perfect for a cheeky Thursday night. I love the attention to details like the bathroom bath sink, the real wood burning fires and the jungle print chairs. All of which sound super weird out of context but it works all very well here.

I can’t wait to come back here lots over the next few months, see seasonal changes in the menu and sit in front of a fire having cocktails. Book a table now and you won’t regret it!

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