Take me to Buddakan – NYC

So you guessed it, we are in New York celebrating the better halfs birthday. 30 is quite a significant one and I cannot think of a better way to spend 5 days, than to be eating in our favourite city. Buddakan was one of the first on his list too to visit during our trip.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I adore Buddakan. A little discovery of mine from around 4 years ago and I’ve been going ever since. It shows how good a place is in New York, that when you visit, you come back time and time again. I just can’t help myself. And yes, it’s true, there are so many new places to explore and fall in love with. But yet this place is so special and has quite a hold over me. It truly does make me smile every time I think about it.

Friday nights are kicking at Buddakan. Wall to wall sexy and trendy types, but in a less hipster way than our Shoreditch. Nice to see meatpacking has still got it. I just love it all here. The music, the ambiance it just kicks serious butt. The dimly lit areas are highlighted with stunning artwork and spotlights over the tables, makes it quite a sight to behold.

Upon check in we were a little early, on purpose of course, to get to the incredible bar. Dinner was at 9, so 8:30 at the bar was suitably perfect. Watching the mixologists here is like watching artists at work, I could watch them for hours. Silently wishing that I could do that. I had something sweet and he had something a little more manly. He felt he was perhaps drinking far too much fizz and cocktails already on this trip that he might start turning into one 😉 We sat ourselves in the bar area people watching, something we love to do together and make up stories about the people we see. Try it sometime, its pretty entertaining.

It wasn’t long before that at just gone 9 we were collected by name, which is a nice touch. Being found and addressed by name is a simple yet fantastic way of fetching your guests for a table. No buzzers, no shouting for people. It matches perfectly with the whole place. Extravagant but still understated. Love that.

We had a perfect little table, which still managed to get all the dishes we wanted on it comfortably. As well as our drinks. Even if we were double or triple parked on some occasions with cocktails, gin, beer and water lol. But that was our choice.

So are you ready, this is what we had. Drum roll please…(and don’t think us greedy we just love it here so much) King crab & lobster siu mai, Szechuan pork dumplings, Black pepper beef, Glazed Alaskan black cod (my favourite, I could eat this every day soooooo good) Hot and Sour scallops, Lemon chicken, peking duck friend rice and wok charred broccoli… and now breathe. Because I certainly couldn’t after the meal. But in the best way imaginable. The flavours in combination with the way it was presented, you just couldn’t fault it at all. The black cod is a must have in my books, I can’t recommend it enough. Again sorry for the photos, very dark restaurant to create the mood and I didn’t want to interrupt it with constant flashing. But you can get an idea 😉

This place for me is super special, great for a date or birthday meal with friends. Ideal for sharing too. Such an extensive menu, you’ll never get bored. I’m sure you’ll fall in love when you visit! And return again and again




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