STK Meatpacking – NYC

My glamorous little friend you, we are back and you never fail. This place for me feels like my home from home when I’m away in this glorious city. And of course its my number one go to steak house in New York. Why wouldn’t I? It’s bloody lovely! And it happens to be a favourite of the fiancé too. So totally winning.

We’ve both been to pretty much every STK on the planet and it never disappoints us. Ever. Its a firm favourite. The Meatpacking one specifically makes us crazy happy for a few particular reasons. The location, a stones throw from Soho House. Which after some pre drinks in the bar there, we can hop and skip across the cobbles to this place. (just mind those heels) Secondly, the service is beyond great and reminds us of being back home in London. Attentive, attractive and funny. And lastly the atmosphere at Meatpacking STK is off the hook. We went on a Saturday night, which is great fun. And we always end up chatting to people at the bar or at our table. Super social. Right up our street.

We decided to order the oysters to start with some scallops on the side. Great to have in season oysters and half a dozen suited me very nicely.  The scallops here are my one of my favourites and it’s always on order. Scrumptious and moreish. Shame there is only 2 but they are pretty big so I can’t complain. We also went for two cobblers, a gorgeous strawberry cocktail that goes down all too easy, so much so I think we ordered another 4 😉 good times!  Then to the mains, of course we had steak, its a bloody steak restaurant. Matched brilliantly with our go to favourites. Lobster Mac’n’Chesse, super creamy and again all the more tempting to dunk the almighty truffle chips into. If you don’t order these the first time on your visit you must go back again and re order. They are without a shadow of a doubt my favourite chips and mac’n’cheese in the entire world. And I love the fact I can get them in New York and London. Blooming marvellous!

The pictures never do it justice here, as it’s too dark and I hate using the flash! I wouldn’t want to ruin the sexy vibe here anyway. Regardless STK you just manage to keep wowing me. We always feel special and the best thing about it all that keeps us returning time after time is the food. Which for me is the best reason to carry on coming back to somewhere. This place has the full package. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

We’ll be back soon guys, get the fizz and cobblers ready!

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