Pizarro – My local Tapas

Did I mention I live in Bermondsey, born and bred. Think I may of done once or twice. But I’m super proud to be from here, and this restaurant is one of the reasons why people now want to live in Bermondsey. Why it has become the hip and considered a foodie haven. This place alongside the likes of Jose (which also belongs to the same mastermind as this delight), Village East and The Garrison have put Bermondsey on the map. So I bow down a little for that.

If you’ve never been before Pizarro, the best way to describe it is modern Spanish cuisine with a contemporary twist. It’s glorious open kitchen (and yes you guessed it, I was seated here) with fantastic cooks screams modern but yet the decor is still tastefully done. The woods and ceramic finishing shoots you back to Spain in an instant. This and the aroma of flavourful food. A place where your spanish friends would not look down their noses to. To bring friends, a date, the parents, it all woks here.

One of the best things about tapas is the sharing element, I’m always picking stuff off peoples plates. So this suits me down to a tee 😉 On this particular visit the man and I decided to go for lots and lots of smaller plates rather than just mains, which in my opinion is the best way to go here. We had Chorizo Ibérico (which is a total must) juicy plate full of tasty chorizo with cheesy crackers. With the incredible Bermondsey bomba. Totally devoured in a matter of minutes. Followed by Chicken liver pate, Px (which is the other halfs favourite) he called it the best pate he has ever had. The the Scallops, wow, just wow.  Which is a winner on every level. Padrón peppers, which are the best this side of the river, if not all of London. Teamed nicely with the Butifarra sausage. And of course matched with a couple glasses of stunning white wine. Empty plates, as always.

I don’t need to pour over hours telling you how incredible this place is, because I could. But the simplest thing is to go and try this place out, it’s the bees knees of spanish food in London town.


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