Vantra Vito – Health kick detox

I have been to a lot of restaurants recently, most of which that although insanely good food, they have been very indulgent which has led me to this place. One of my friends and I decided on a bit of a health kick catch up, no fizz (sadly, because we both a big fans of a glass or bottle) no carbs and just good food for our bodies.

I’m never that too keen on going to places like this, as it’s usually a huge disappointment fuelled with lack of flavour, no atmosphere and hippy service. When my lovely friend suggested a place on Oxford Street, it didn’t fill me with confidence. As most Londoners know, Oxford Street isn’t a hive for foodies. Places off it for sure, Soho, Fitzrovia, Covent Garden, Mayfair, these are all my familiar haunts. Not Oxford Street. But I trusted her, and the website didn’t look to bad either.

Vantra Vito prides itself on being “painstakingly designed to bring about optimum health, with quality organic ingredients that sing with flavour.” and it didn’t let me down guys! I was very surprised I can tell you now.

I had a fantastic avocado wrap, a cold dish bursting with flavour and N had something very tasty too, loaded with spinach, asparagus and again full of yumminess. All surprisingly filling so much so I opted for a lovely mint tea to finish, as I had no room for desert which is a shock for me! Veggies, vegans and Coeliacs alike would love this place. It’s incredible how many things they have to choose from. They have some nice dishes if you want to share too.

I would really recommend this little hidden treasure trove of detox fun for lunches and dinner. But do book, its tiny inside and I wouldn’t want you getting disappointed now.

IMG_1014   IMG_0665IMG_0667IMG_0662 IMG_0664  IMG_0660 IMG_0659 IMG_0658 IMG_0657 IMG_0655

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