Get on down – JACKS Stir Brew

Finally back in New York City. The only place in the world I’ve been that can do better than London in most food categories. I’m so in love with this place it’s unreal. And we were super lucky the sun was shining on our short visit to wonder town.

Staying in the financial district has so many plus points, one of which is this little gem. Jacks Stir brew coffee house a stones throw from our hotel and also the river, perfect place to start the day.  The other half is the biggest fan of coffee, it’s on the verge of obsession. He’s even gone and tried out latte art (those lovely little spirals in the top of your coffee actually has a name, yeah I know, mental) So really wanted to take him here on our trip, the smell as you enter this place is great. They greet you like long lost friends and take your order. Seeing as it was a quick breakfast stop before our brunch later we opted for a cinnamon doughnut and a lemon and poppyseed muffin. Dear lord it was good. Washed down with some incredible coffee and for me a chocolate iced latte (it was super hot and I’m in America, don’t judge me.)

This place oozes comfort and super friendly atmosphere. This front Street branch does everything it says on the coffee tin and more. New Yorkers I wouldn’t get my coffee from anywhere else 😉

This was Front Street but they have a few other locations so please check them out on their website, and if you’re listening Jack please come to London!

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