Chiltern Firehouse – On Fire

After a long ass wait I finally managed to secure a magical reservation at this current celeb hangout in London. And like many before me I had my own reservations about this place. Generally when a place is so over hyped and you have more chance securing a date with Beyoncè then getting a table at this place, it’s never going to match up to expectations now is it? Matched with a few bad reviews. Not the best of starts.

Well, I’m wrong. This is place delivered on so many freakin’ levels. I even managed to secure dinner after this reservation for brunch for the following week, some how (without selling my soul and don’t ask me how). The exterior of this place is incredible, I’d love to stay at the hotel inside, if it’s as wonderful as the rest of the building.

Even meticulous details down to the garden and the secret smoking area through the loos scream thoughtfulness and modern decadence. I was hooked from the moment the gentleman on the door said good afternoon. The other half and I were ushered in through the gorgeous garden into the converted firehouse. Compliments given on my outfit (always a sure fire way to make a lady smile) and given the option of three tables, to eat outside on the terrace, a table by the kitchen and a table on the main floor of the restaurant. I smiled at my man before he even had a chance to compute the question, you know what I chose of course. The kitchen. It’s my favourite place to sit when eating. Call me nosy but I bloody love it.

Shown to our table I was VERY happy with this choice, we could see the chefs at work and see across the whole room. A few moments spent celeb spotting, but of course. Then into the menu. With so many fizz options I almost died of excitement. I went for a sexy mint and prosecsco number with elderflower. He went for a simple glass of prosecco. What lunch would be without. The restaurant had a lovely buzz about it, people dressed up for brunch like it was their last supper, but a sexy supper.

We both went for their signature crab doughnuts and corn bread with maple dipping sauce (totally devoured these in minutes, simply amazing) followed by our classic choice of eggs benedict of course. These were cooked to perfection. Even some crispy french fries on the side to dip in, why the hell not I say. The desserts. were.insane. I had a deconstructed strawberry sundae, yes please. The man had a chocolate tart with hazelnut ice-cream which was bloody dreamy.  Followed up with some mint tea and coffee. Great way to round up the brunch. 3 hours flew by. I’ve never enjoyed a London lunch brunch as much as we did here.

And a brucey bonus was…it doesn’t break the bank. Which was a great surprise. Can’t wait to come back for dinner!

Try your luck by getting in by booking a brunch, visiting the bar. Dinner is a little harder but early or late tables are a little easier to secure.

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