STK London – Not your daddy’s steak house

As you’ve seen me mention before, the other half is a big steak fan. In London we are spoilt for choice really for good meat houses. Lots of places are very similar though, fortunately STK breaks the convention for a steak house. He decided to book a quiet Sunday early evening treat, I was literally jumping for joy when he surprised me. Perfect way to end our foodie weekend.

We fell in love a few years ago at their New York offering, which blew my mind. And we’ve been hooked ever since. LA, NY and London have the biggest and best restaurants. (although we’d love to go to Miami too at one point). You could say we are addicted, and rightly so.

I love the fact they serve out of the ordinary stuff like Wagyu beef mini burgers. And so many side options and toppings you don’t know what to do with. Desserts are even made with women in mind too. In fact all of the food is totally made with women in mind, not just men. Which I adore. If you don’t fancy the biggest steak in the world, the feather option is ingenious. Delicate but still super tasty. Full of flavour and cooked exactly how I like it. Teamed beautifully with an extensive wine collection, all of which the waiters are very well educated in pairing it correctly with what you’re having. STK has it all and more.

A few things are a must here; one : the truffle chips, dear lord. I don’t know where to begin. I have a truffle addiction, the oil, the shavings, I bloody love it all. These chips are crispy and fluffy paired wonderfully with parmesan, this side is devoured in minutes. I always recommend getting two portions if you love this as much as me (if you’re not getting the lobster mac n cheese as a side as well). The STK sauce, BAM! BBQ sauce that oozes pure delight in my mouth with the steak. Great combo. And finally as mentioned before the Waygu beef burgers, two little perfectly proportioned burgers in miniature form. Cute, delicious, moreish. I don’t like to share these bad boys.

This place is a must attend on a Friday or Saturday night. Girls night out, lads night out, date, taking the parents. It all works here! The music is great, people are dancing on the chairs and having the time of their lives. Everyone dressed in their finery to shake it hard. Great way to burn calories after a food night here.

But if you want to have a more intimate meal in this luxurious surrounding, early in the evening or on a sunday night works very well. If you haven’t been here yet, I don’t know where you’ve been hiding, but please visit. Drink lots, eat lots and dance the night away in the best Steak house in London by a mile. (and if you even fancy carrying on the night, book a trip up to the radio bar upstairs, or even the hotel 😉 )

See you in New York STK, get those cocktails and Waygu ready! We’re a comin’

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