Breakfast in Bermondsey village – Village East

You know its a good sign, when you go for breakfast at the same place twice in one weekend. And when the food is this damn good why the hell not. Also it’s even more delightful when it’s a 5 minute walk from your front door. I’ve been wanted to share this gem with you for a while.

Bermondsey is seriously kicking off, and this was one of the first bistros to help with the movement of making Bermondsey a cool place to live again. I have a lot of love for this place, I’ve been going for years. Breakfast brunch or dinner, I couldn’t pick my favourite. However breakfast has something very special here.

The decor is incredible. Super cool warehouse style, with lots of different types of vintage furniture knocking around the place. Booths, wooden tables, stools. You name it these guys have thought about it. Right down to the old school way the waiters and waitresses dress. A long breakfast bar when you walk in, if you fancy a beetroot bloody mary (which come highly recommended btw) or just want to read the paper by yourself over a coffee.

The Mr and I firstly went on saturday morning, great way to start the weekend in my opinion. We wandered down along bermondsey street and we have arrived. Swept to our lovely little booth for two as you walk in. Instantly very happy with choice of seating 🙂 A cooler and white americano to begin (a cooler is a refreshing drink of coconut water, apple and lime, with some coconut shavings.) Very tasty.

I then proceeded with my favourite thing here, a lobster eggs Benedict. Absolutely phenomenal. There are no words to describe this plate of awesomeness. You just have to taste it to believe me! Lobster tail cooked to perfection, great poached egg, and creamy tangy hollandaise sauce. Pure yummyness. Mr went for the good ol’ buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, which is preparing him for our trip to NYC next week. He adores pancakes, and loves them here more than anywhere else we’ve been, he very rarely orders anything else when we visit. (Seeing as its too early for steak). I also had some eggs and soldiers, my inner child always uses this as a good measuring stick, not only to get it bang on how I like it (how mum used to make it), but to get it with no runny white but runny yolk. The Village never fails me. Teamed with attentive service and a smile, you just can’t go wrong!

We then decided to return on Sunday with our friends that were visiting, some might say a little over kill, but they obviously haven’t been to this place! Seated by the kitchen this time, as I’ve said before this is one of my favourite places to sit in a restaurant. Full of hustle and bustle and I adore watching these guys cook. We had a campfire breakfast, scrambled eggs and salmon, full english and again pancakes (bet you can’t guess who) again everything cooked to perfection. Our friends from Portsmouth fell in love a little with VE, and we spent hours pouring over coffee, tea, drinks catching up and not being disturbed once. Perfect sunday breakfast with friends.

Simply put, this place has it all. VE for me is like a second home, and if you haven’t wandered down to the Village yet, check it out. You won’t regret it, or want to go anywhere else for breakfast in Bermondsey/ London again.

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