Tonkotsu East – Ready for Ramen

I bloody love Japanese cuisine, as you can see, I eat it alot. And there are loads of good Ramen houses in London but Tonkotsu tops the list for me (It’s Ippudo in New York, but i’ll rave about that in a couple of weeks when Im next over) 😉

So it was to my delight, when visiting our lovely friends, in their newly bought flat last night, on the regents canal, (was very nice) they took us to Tonkotsu East. Which I hadn’t been to yet, but was dying to try. Set underneath an old railway arch, I was already happy, felt very relaxed and cosy. Even a hipster or two for entertainment.

We were quickly given a table bang in the middle of the restaurant, over looking the kitchen. Generally where I like to be. We shortly ordered there after, as we were crazy hungry. The smell in this place is insatiable. The hustle and bustle at 9pm at night was surprising too, Tuesday nights in London can be a little dim, but this was far from it! Even could see them making their own noodles through a panelled glass room in the restaurant, very cool.

The boys opted for lots of sides to share, which were clearly marked for not sharing with us girls. Lots of gyozas, chilli squid, chicken wings, broccoli and edamame to name a few. But we still got away with stealing couple of cheeky bits and pieces. Speaking of bits and pieces, check out the chilli oil jar,”Eat the bits” couldn’t stop laughing.

Us girls obviously both opted for the Tonkontsu Ramen, truly scrummy, a great hangover cure and also just feel good food. It’s like wrapping up in a blanket and feeling toasty. I couldn’t even finish it. It was so filling. We also had two portions of Gyoza. Prawn and Pork. As you can see from my pictures, not that they can do them justice, they were very nice indeed.

Overall, make sure you check out this place, I can’t recommend it enough. For me it was a perfect evening of catching up with friends, great food and full belly’s. Perfection is here, and its in bowls

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