A Quick Skip and Hop to Sketch

Tried and tested. One of my favourite places for afternoon tea and cocktails (maybe not together or maybe together, totally depends on my mood/time of day).
If you’ve never been to Sketch, where the devil have you been hiding. Its a London treasure! Get your butt down to this place immediately. Super opulent and yet convenient location, its like something out of a Stanley Kubrick film. I adore it. From the matradee, to the waitress to the mixologists. All very polite and knowledgeable of their product. And what better product to sell than that of Sketch. Crafty and sexy, it’s a great first date or during the day with friends in the parlour for afternoon tea!

We had a couple of cocktails in The Glade, before heading out to dinner. The Glade is one of many crazy individually styled rooms here. And my favourite. Its super dark but yet comfortable. I had a strawberry fizz, wonderfully gorgeous and sweet and the other half had a Gin cocktail with passionfruit I believe. Must of been good, as it was gone in a matter of minutes.

One last thing, before you leave. Check out the toilets, no not because of the food or drink… but yes those pod looking things are toilets! Alien/Gilbert and George style! Not many restaurant toilets that i’d spend any more time then I have to, but you can see why! So make sure you take a peek even if you don’t really need to go.

I would advise to book in advance, it does get busy, but next time you are around regent street pop by and marvel at this place, after all it’d be rude not to have a cocktail or 3.


IMG_8063 IMG_8058 IMG_8057 IMG_8066

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