Barbecoa – Food With a View

I’m a big Jamie Oliver fan, I have all his books, little bit obsessed to be honest but there is nothing wrong with that. I like to cook and his way of doing it suits me very well.
So you can imagine my excitement when my darling man received some vouchers for his birthday from his family. We booked straight away.

We met after work and took a lovely stroll to the restaurant which is nestled within the One New Change and the stunning St Pauls Cathedral. Happily, we were given a lovely seat over looking this skyline.

This lovely place has received a bad reputation recently due to rubbish press on hygiene, but I can tell you something for nothing right now, ignore everything bad you’ve read or seen about this restaurant. It’s bloody awesome. It may of had a hiccup or misunderstanding but without a shadow of a doubt, this place is rocking now. Food, service and ambiance. It has it all.

The food was served neatly on rustic boards and plates. Which give a lovely finish to an overall great presentation. I had a barbecue tandoori chicken, which was insanely good. The Mr had the steak (again lol) which he said was very very good, and cooked to perfection. We indulged in a bottle of fizz of course, teamed up with some classic limoncello, which Im totally addicted to, regardless of being in Italy or not, it makes me happy. Dessert was something rather special too, my favourite, salted caramel ice cream. It was divine! Even teamed up with incredible tiny macaroons.

Already booking my next reservation! Get involved

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