Aqua Shard – Market Brunch

As my neighbour, The Shard gets a lot of love from me, I frequently visit. I’ve done it all, just not stayed at the hotel yet, counting those days down 😉

The better half and I decided to have brunch/early lunch as it was just a glorious day. Chanced our luck and got up early, without a reservation (not advised as this place is super busy all the time, but you can always try your luck like we did)
We love Aqua, the bar at night transforms into something from a beautiful crafted sci fi film but with a Liberty type elegance. The food is locally sourced, british with a twist. And it never fails.

We were delighted to be ushered into a window seat over looking the best of what London offers. I went with my favourite battenberg cocktail. Just bloody love this! You have to try it, even Kipling himself would love these bad boys. The lunch that day was produce from borough market (as mentioned before I love this place) so Aqua was already winning in mu opinion with that opener.

I had a fresh salad with lovely bright beets, and scallops, which were perfectly cooked. He went for steak (as usual, it’s his way of scoring the place) he enjoyed it, although slightly less pink then he would of liked, although seasoned to perfection. I had to have a dessert, this place has an incredible selection, I went for an ice cream, simply stunning flavours!

Now just enjoy the view… it’s amazing. But you knew that anyway. Go for the food, the view and most importantly to treat yourself, it’s something very special!

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