Sake no Hana – Beautiful Considered Food

Date night organised by the other half, simply exceptional. Sushi quite possibly the best I’ve had in London. Great service and nice ambiance. Can’t wait to go again!

This is the little sister of Hakkasan, which has a great reputation and I’ve been many a time before! Seriously incredible food, great staff and atmosphere was amazing. So I had high expectations for this place.
We arrived a little early and were shown to the bar where we were greeted by a cheerful waitress, she made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed before she went away to check on our table.
We enjoyed some tantalising cocktails, very tasty but a little strong for my personal taste. I had to blow out our candle just incase I got near a naked flame 😉

Our table was ready at exactly 9, which is the time we booked it, no excuses for late seating. Making you spend more money in our bar is a usual London tactic that is avoided here. We dropped our coats and headed up the escalator. It’s very rare in London where as you walk in, the staff and all the waiters and waitresses on the restaurant floor greet you as you walk past. But this was a pleasant surprise here. Really nice touch. Gives a personal feel that some restaurants miss. Made me smile.

Sushi was prepared quickly and presented to perfection.  We got stuck to the sushi and sashimi rolls, which were delicious. I had the miso soup, one of many variations, choose which ever they are all good! As well as some hot chicken and salmon dishes, literally salivating thinking about it again.

Please go see this place, unassuming, not pretentious, and fabulous food. What more could you ask for


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