Borough Market – My kinda Oyster

I’m a proper Londoner, born and bred. I’ve spent many a saturday for the past 26 years of my life at Borough Market. It’s my go to London market. I recommend it whenever I can. From Fish on the market, to Roast for breakfast or brunch. There is something for everyone here. (even for film buffs Bridget Jones’s house is even here).

This is a quick post about the Oysters here, I decided to take my boss for some Borough Market action the other saturday. We had a glass of fizz to start. From one of the prosecco stands. Then hurried along to grab some Oysters. My total ideal of a heaven is fizz and Oysters, as I don’t get the chance to do it often. So this was soon turning into being one of my favourite saturdays ever. Simply perfect.

After a short que at Richard Howard’s Oyster bar (more original and authentic than the wrights brothers across the street) I opted for 6 medium oysters (less chewy than the large but in my opinion more filling than the small) my lovely boss opted for 4, which she loved.

Served on plastic polystyrene plates, a dash of lemon and various condiments later, I was sat down and filling my mouth to my hearts content! I bloody love London.

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